Discover the charm of a flamenco “tablao” (stage) in Granada, a gift for the senses and an inseparable part of the Andalusian soul. Let the art of flamenco penetrate your spirit and guide you through intense emotions and overflowing passions. This magical art, rooted in the history and culture of south Spain, unfolds in all its splendour in the flamenco tablao of Granada.

The show lasts approximately 60 minutes, which is long enough to run through different flamenco “palos” (styles). Our artists will make you feel the passion with their singing, foot-tapping and dancing.

Located at the majestic foothills of the Alhambra, Granada is home to a vibrant flamenco community. The Andalusian city is renowned for its tablaos, a forum for the authentic expression of music, singing and flamenco dancing. The passion, the “Duende” and talent of the artists combine to create shows that leave our audience astonished.

tablao in Granada is much more than a simple entertaining experience. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of deep and intense emotions, a place where every gesture, musical note and dance step tells a story of love, suffering, joy and challenge.

Entering a flamenco tablao in Granada, you’ll find a cozy and warm environment. Local flamenco artists will welcome you with open arms, looking forward to share their love for this art with visitors from all over the world. The electrifying energy of the place will envelop you, anticipating the passionate spectacle that’s coming.

Our flamenco tablao in Granada presents a unique show, featuring a cast of talented artists who bring to life flamenco dancing and music. From our singers to guitar players and dancers, they all get together to create a show full of Duende and emotions. Whether this is your first visit or if you’re a flamenco aficionado, every performance will captivate you and leave you yearning for more.


To truly grasp the complexity and richness of flamenco, it’s essential to visit a tablao in Granada. Here, homage is paid to the past and the present of flamenco is celebrated. Granada invites you to savor this passionate and unique art form that you will never forget.

In addition to live shows, many tablaos in Granada also offer flamenco courses. Whether you’re a beginner looking into learning the basics or an experienced “bailaor” seeking to refine your skills, you will find Granada the perfect starting point for learning and growth.

So, if you’re seeking a soul-stirring and emotion-evoking experience, look no further. A flamenco tablao in Granada is the key to unlocking a world of art and passion. Enter this captivating world and let the flamenco spirit take hold of you.


Granada is a treasure for flamenco lovers. It’s not just a city; it’s a living stage where flamenco comes to life. A flamenco tablao in Granada is an invitation to enter this world where every clap, guitar strum and foot tap is a universal language of passion and emotion. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience flamenco in its purest and most passionate form.
The flamenco tablao in Granada awaits you. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, singing, and dancing. Come and discover the true art of flamenco at the heart of Andalusia. Our arms are open to welcome you!