Ana Morales in Casa del Arte Flamenco

Casa del Arte Flamenco Granada is honored to have counted, during the Summer Flamenco Specials Cycle, with the presence of the great dancer Ana Morales. The dancer from barcelona left in the granadian tablao her trace of the most pure flamenco art. Accompanied by José Nuñez, Juan Angel Tirado, Rafael Habichuela, Javier Martos, Antoni Campos, Joni de Pintos, Manuel Fernández and Raúl Molina on these 3 edays of the most pure flamencura.

Ana Morales Bio

Born in Barcelona in 1982, she starts dancing in the Conservatory of Barcelona. When she is 16, se moves to Seville by the hand of José Antonio Ruiz. For three years she will be in his company, learning from masters of flamenco as Juan Amaya, Eva la Hierbabuena or Isabel Bayón.

Her professional debut takes place in La Maestranza theatre of Seville. Inside the show “Puntales”, directed by Antonio “El Pipa”. After her debut she started to work with the Andalusian Dance Company. She spent 4 years in the company to travel through many stages and theatres of high category. A few later she won the award to “baile libre” for Malagueñas dance in the National Conquest of Flamenco Dance in La Perla (Cadiz). During this stage of her career she appeared in the film “Iberia” directed by Carlos Saura.

Later on, she worked in the companies of Javier Latorre and Andrés Marín. With Marín, with the show Asimetrías, she would step on international festivals on Alburquerque and London.

In 2010 she debuts as a producer and her show “De Sandalia a Tacón” is released within the Flamenco Festival of Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz). Few months later she will win the biggest award for flamenco dancers, the award “El Desplante” from the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión (Murcia). Her second release, “ReciclARTE” would be shown in the Bienal de Flamenco of Seville, in the Alameda Theatre.

Later on Ana Morales would become sol0ist dancer in the Flamenco Ballet Company of Andalucía, Directed by Rafaela Carrasco.

Summer Flamenco Specials of Granada

During this month of July Ana has honored us with her presence in Casa del Arte Flamenco, where she has become one of the big stars that will remain now in our record of flamenco specials. From Casa del Arte Flamenco we want to thank her for be in between us, showing all her art and style.