International day of Flamenco

Today, 16th of November, is the International Day of Flamenco. Why on 16th of November?

Because it´s the day the UNESCO declared flamenco as one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

This day has a special interest in Andalucía. Craddle of flamenco and place where his essence is attached to culture, people and tradition. All day long different activities have been promoted from the central administration, schools, theaters and peñas flamencas (flamenco associations).

In this day we want to congratulate all of our great artists, dancers, singers, guitar players and clappers for being part of this life form. For making it comprehensible to all of us and for their abnegated sacrifice on stage, fully committed to this art.

We also want to congratulate you, flamenco fans, because without you flamenco would had remained as an anonymous subculture beneath gipsye tradition and it would had never reached the rest of the world. Without you it would had never been recognized as a Masterpiece for the UNESCO. Without you our work would be meaningless.

Flamenco is one of our signs of identity, it belongs to all of us.  It´s taught, danced and sung all over the world as an expression of joy and sadness, passion and strength. It has never been more universal that it´s nowadays. We feel so proud of adding our bit to this ineffable life and art form.

From Jerez to La Unión, thank you dancers, singers, guitar players, clappers and fans. Thank you for the Flamenco!