Interview with María Vizárraga

On December 27, 28 and 29 María Vizárraga accompanied us at Casa del Arte Flamenco. During the special days organized during Christmas.

Interview with María Vizárraga

How did I start? Well… singing! she says laughing.

I started at home, in the parties that we set up at home. My people are artists, they are dedicated to this. So I started very young. It was the one of every day.

Outside home… the first time as a professional, was with Juana la del Revuelo. I do not remember when that was, but I do remember with who.

And the first time I left Spain was with Farruco, in Copenhagen, in Denmark.

Since then I have been with a battery. With Farruquito, with Manolo Carrasco, Joaquín Cortés, with Amaya … I even participated with Niña Pastori, when she started.

I have traveled the whole world. Comment I’ve been to Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Washington, Philadelphia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador… I’ve been everywhere. Outside of Spain where I have seen the most flamenco has been in Argentina, it was spectacular, people cried with emotion. It is something that is not seen often.

In a little while we go again outside, we will go to the United States, I do not know where, but to the United States for sure.

About Granada she tells us:

I’ve been many times, always at private parties, it’s the first time I come to tablao and I love it. I had come before, to the caves, with friends.

About Casa del Arte Flamenco she sais: It’s very good, it’s a tablao where you work with glory, you treat us phenomenally and you’re so close to the public that you live it very close. Is very beautiful.