Soniquete: A Flamenco App


Do you like flamenco? Sevillanas, Bulerías, Rumbas, Alegrías… And you still don´t know Soniquete App? If you are one of those who hear a flamenco rhythm and starts clapping, or if you just fell in love with this musical art, we are going to present you a mobile application that you will love. We are sure you will know how to get the most of it.

It´s about Soniquete App, an application created by Jerónimo Ultrilla, a music teacher from Seville, Spain, who has condensed all his experience and long flamenco career in the best flamenco app we have found to date. It is available for both IOS and Android and you can download it from ITunes and Google Play in a few seconds.

Soniquete App is like having an artist clapping flamenco next to you that sets the pulse you say. It allows you to program measures, all of them and at the speed you prefer. Also rises (escobillas) and closes (remates) as we say in flamenco argot… all that for you to fit to the piece you want to perform.

Have you been looking for a good flamenco app for a while? Well, with this application you will not need any more. When you open it you will discover that it is an app in which every detail has been taken care of. Now you simply have to choose ‘palo’ (rhythm) and speed and it will sound tirelessly all you want.


You can use the Soniquete App as a metronome in order to mark the flamenco beats, program a raise in those styles that need them and determine exactly how many rises you want. It also allows you to designate the number of fast measures, its speed and of course, define it to ends with a good flamenco beat end.

Another feature that has impressed us is that it offers the possibility of recording choreographies. Can you imagine having to configure it every time you open it? What’s going on!! Once you have selected the number of measures that you prefer, a close, a brush raise and a finish, you will only have to record your preferences with the name you want to retest it whenever you want.

As if all this were not enough, Soniquete App counts the number of beat times, the number of bars and ends, and everything for you to see it on the screen during your performances in a clear and comfortable way.

In total it has 18 flamenco styles and 4 types of bulerías: Sevillanas, Rumba, Martinetes, Seguirillas, Soleá, Soleá por bulerías, Tientos, Tangos and Tanguillos, Colombian, Fandangos, Alegrías Jaleos, Guajira, Bulerías Cante, Bulerías to mark, Bulerías followed dance, Bulerías in 12, Tarantos, Farruca and Garrotín.

In the case of sevillanas, Soniquete plays the palms from beginning to end so that you can go rehearsing your dance at the same time and also the touch of sevillanas, just like in real life.

How does Soniquete App work?

It is very simple. First we indicate the name of the style that we are going to interpret. Some alegrías or some bulerías, for example. We can also use the simple metronome option, which makes it useful for any instrument and even for other types of music such as classical music. Simple so far.

Second, we establish a time. The tool brings three predetermined times, slow (120 beats per minute), medium (180 beats per minute) and fast (240 beats per minute). Also it has a bar that we can drag to the right and left to set the pulsations manually in a more accurate way, from 60 beats per minute to 300 beats.

Finally click on the icon of ‘play’ and the rhythm will start to sound indefinitely. Also in the menu we have the icon of the gear that will take us to the other options that we mentioned before as they are, remember the last style or record the current beats per minute.

As you can see, Soniquete App it’s useful both to accompany the guitar, singing or any other element that you want to integrate into your compositions. Despite many people see flamenco as something airtight and squared, this art does not stop evolving and more and more artists take from its source to integrate it into other musical styles.

It is true that there are many people who feel passion for flamenco as a mere spectator, but few consider taking a step further and let them invade by the flamenco spirit to start creating and taking out what they have inside. Flamenco art is much more than music and tempo, it is a form of expression that has reached the five continents and now, with the help of Soniquete App there is no excuses. Who says that flamenco is complicated now?

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