The Festival internacional del Cante de las Minas in 2019

Every year the Festival de Cante de las Minas is celebrated, this being its 59th edition, the festival was born as a singing competition, however, in the 1980s it was expanded with the incorporation of a competitive guitar section, while in 1990 a dance section was annexed.

 Therefore we can say that it is undoubtedly one of the most complete festivals that exist today as far as the celebration of flamenco is concerned.

 It is celebrated one more year in the town of La Unión (Murcia). They are one of the most prestigious flamenco competitions in Spain, in which dozens of artists participate, including singers, dancers, guitarists and instrumentalists.

 In 1984 the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas was declared a national tourist interest, and the Cantes Mineros and Cantes de Levante were declared an intangible Asset of Cultural Interest in 2010. In November 2010, moreover, all flamenco was declared by UNESCO ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

 Prestigious prizes are awarded in this competition, including the coveted “Lámpara Minera” (Mining Lamp). One of the prizes most coveted by the young promises, which are a springboard for their careers.

Winners of the Festival del Cante de las Minas 2019

El Mati’ is made with the Lámpara Minera. Olga Aznar García, from Barcelona, wins the Desplante Femenino; José Fermín Fernández from Granada wins the Bordón Minero; and Alejandro Solano from Cartagena, winner of the Filón prize playing the marimba.

The winner of Bordón Minero 2019: José Fermín Fernández

José Fermín Fernández studied at the Flamenco School, in the flamenco guitar department with Professor Alberto Fernández. He also studied at the Escuela Municipal de Flamenco.

He has extensive experience in performances, concerts and musical events, highlights the organization of the contest, which adds that the Granadino has done composition work.

The Bordón Minero Prize, worth 6,000 euros, went to José Fermín Fernández from Granada for his performance of Taranto and Bulería.

We have the honour of counting on Fermín Fernández a large number of times in the performances we do at the Casa del Arte Flamenco.

Lámpara Minera 2019 Award: “El Mati” (The Mati)

Winner of the Lámpara Minera in the 59th edition of the Festival del Cante de las Minas de La Unión. The jury has decided to give him the main award of the festival unionense “for his greater mastery and knowledge of mining songs.

Mati began his artistic career at the early age of 12, although it was not until he was 19 that he decided to devote himself fully to it.

He has accompanied such renowned artists as Esperanza Fernández, Rafael Jiménez “Falo”, “El Pele”, Pepe Habichuela, Chano Domínguez, Jorge Pardo, Manolo Marín, Cristina Hoyos, Antonio Canales, Juan Antonio Suárez “Cano”, Sergio de Lope, Manuel Liñán, Pastora Galván, Rafael Campallo and Israel Galván.

Artists from the Festival de Cante de la Minas come to our home

In September we will have in our Casa del Arte Flamenco the following artists, who have participated in the Festival de Cante de las Minas:

  • Olga Lorente ganadora 2019 (Baile): Olga Aznar García, better known as Olga Llorente (Sant Adriá de Besós, Barcelona, 1990), is a dancer and choreographer. Graduated in Spanish Dance at the Professional Conservatory of Barcelona (Institut del Teatre). Trained at the La Tani flamenco school and the Pilar Domínguez school. Subsequently she received classes from teachers such as Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre, Farruquito, La Chana, Marco Flores, Belén Fernández, Rafael del Carmen, Rafaela Carrasco, Carmen Ledesma, Antonio El Pipa, Eva Yerbabuena, Belén Maya, among many others.
  • Fernando Jiménez ganador 2017 (Baile): Sevillian dancer with seven years of professional training at the National Conservatory of Seville. In addition, he has received classes from teachers such as Javier la Torre (2010), Rafaela Carrasco (2008), Eva Yerbabuena (2007-2008), Rafael de Carmen (2006), Javier Barón (2006), Isabel Bayon (2005), Manolo Marín (2005), Antonio Canales (2005), Farruquito (2005) and has attended classes with other flamenco teachers: Andres Peña, La Truco, Alfonso Losa, Andres marin, Manuel Betanzos, Rafael Campallo, Adela Campallo, Manuel Reyes, Soraya Clavijo, Pilar Ortega, Angel Atienzas, Juan Ogalla, among many others. As for classical and contemporary dance, he has had teachers such as Jose Antonio Rivero, Jose Manuel Moreno, Aurora Mancheti, Genesia Kinderland and others.
  • Monica Iglesias ganadora 2018 (Baile): Mónica Iglesias is a dancer born in Madrid and living in Seville. With extensive training, she studied dance at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma in Madrid and perfected her technique with teachers such as Andrés Marín, Manuela Carrasco, Eva Yerbabuena and Rubén Olmo. In 2018 Mónica Iglesias was awarded the First Prize and Trophy “Desplante” at the Festival de Cante de las Minas. Mónica Iglesias, flamenco dancer in Barcelona in Tablao Flamenco Cordobés.
  • Fuensanta “La Moneta” 2003 (Dance): Early vocation artist. Her eagerness for flamenco dance is awakened in her childhood. Her dedication to dance and her innate conditions are such that when she was still a child, the most famous zambras of Sacromonte and tablaos in Granada dispute her. Dance training in courses with the best teachers: Javier Latorre, Mario Maya, Juan Andrés Maya, Juana Amaya, Matilde Coral, Israel Galván and others. In 2003 he won the “El Desplante” Award of the National Dance Contest of the Festival de Cante de las Minas de La Unión.
  • Amparo Heredia “La Repompilla”: Gypsy singer, born in Malaga in 1970. Daughter of the mythical Rafaela “La Repompa” and of the great guitarist Luis Heredia, and niece of the Repompa de Málaga cantaora who gives her name to the Tangos de Málaga, tangos de la Repompa, and of great influence on the current feminine cante that has to do with bulerías and, to a lesser extent, with fandangos. In the 2015 edition of the prestigious festival of cante de las minas de la Unión, she won prizes for seguiriya and tangos.

And of course our beloved guitarist José Fermín Fernández who will return to our stage to surprise us with his flamenco art and passion.

We wait for you there to enjoy it and surprise you with all our shows. Don’t miss the opportunity of a few magical hours with the best Spanish art!