Visit La casa del Arte Flamenco

Find here all the information about tickets sales and enjoy an unique show.

In la Casa del Arte Flamenco you can feel the purest and most traditional flamenco in Granada. Our falmenco tablao stoires are mixed with dances and songs that will make this an unforgettable experience.

Remember that you can contact us:

You cand find us in Cuesta de Gomérez 11

Where can you get tickets show for La Casa del Arte Flamenco?

You can buy the tickets show on our  online sales page.  You should know that at La Casa del Arte Flamenco we offer differents shows, experiences and passes.

Access to the informative calendar of the shows and select the day you want to come to see it. Choose the experience that delighted you the most and the pass that best suits your preferences.

Tickets available at la Casa del Arte Flamenco

In our flamenco tablao you will find two types of tickets. One type of ticket includes entrance to the show, while the second type of ticket  concludes with a gastronomic experience in one of the best restaurant below the Alhambra.

Basic ticket

The basic ticket only refers to the show acces offer by La Casa del Arte Flamenco. Their prices are:

  • Adults 22 €
  • Students (until 26 years) 20 €
  • Older than 65 20 €

Farala gastronomic experiences

As well as enjoying the show, you can finish the artistic experience with a gastronomic experience wich take place in one of the best restaurant in Granada.

As this is an additional service, you should strictly accomplish with the opening hours established by the restaurant and repestc the contracted service.

Within the experience, Faralá offers three differents menu:

Tradition Menu:

7 Passes + Petit fours

3 Snaks, 1 Appetizer, 4 Principals, 1 Dessert

Emotion and Culture menu:

9 Passes + Petit Fours

4 Snaks, 2 Appetizer, 5 Principals, 1 Pre-dessert, 1 Postre

Tradition, emotion and culture menu:

12 Pases + Petit Fours

4 Snaks, 4 Appetizer, 9 Principals, 1 Pre-dessert, 1 Postre