What to do in Granada

Art, gastronomy, turism, nature, nightlife… Where are we? In the amazing city of Granada. If you want to teleport to the past and discover an unique place in earth we encourage you to read this article and discover our list of What to Do in Granada.

A fews days ago  GoEuro published a list with 100 cities to visit in Europe. Among them we found 6 spanish cities in top 30. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Granada. Granada being in this list sharing space with cities that are over the million inhabitants due to his turistic interest, total volume of visitors and general interest is specially significant to know how relevant is Granada for national and international tourism.

The turistic offer of this city is huge.

Every single person that comes to visit Granada knows that the Alhambra is a must see. But there is a whole city beyond the walls of the Alhambra. In this article we want to sumarize this offer and our recommendations to grant you a joyfull time in the city.

Free Tours: The free guided visits model has been exported from London to the rest of the world. Visitor, accompanied by an official guide, discover the most relevant corners of the city and get directions about where to eat, where to hang out, and what thing can be done in Granada. At the end of the visit the visitor dettermines it´s value and offer a tip to the guide according to the quality of his job. Free Tours offer in Granada is wide. We recommend you to look up FollowMe Granada, an agency that offers a free tour around the city centre that last 2:30 hours. They also offer visits to the Sacromonte and Albayzin districts. A free tour is a marvelous way to discover granada.

Districts: None will ever know the city of Granada as granadians. If you are planning a visit to the city we encourage you to hire a local guide that can show you the most relevant neighborhoods, districts and corners of the city. Here you can find al ist of must see places

– Albayzín: For most of the tourists the visit to the district of Albayzin is limited to San Nicolas viewpoint, taking the tipical alhambra picture and that´s it. The Albayzín district is considered as Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. There is more than meets the eye. The Mosq, the Aljibes, the open to visit Carmenes, the secret viewpoints, the squares, the fountains and, in sum, the medieval organization of narrow streets that make this place unique in the world. A place to get lost on it´s paved streets to discover it´s corners and dive into it´s history.

– Sacormonte: It´s the gipsy district of Granada. An unique enclave where the visitor can discover the craddle of the Zambra, and one of the birthplaces of flameno. About the Sacromonte District there are uncountable narrations, books, writings and leyends. Is one of the most magical places of the city that in the past captivated ilustrated people from all over the world. The very Ernest Hemingway was an habitual of the hood. Visitors can discover this unique granadian troglodiye settlement, the sacromonte caves.  Besides they can visito the Sacromonte Caves Museum in order to get close to the traditional moorish and gipsies lifestyle after the conquest of the city in 1492.

– Realejo: The old jewish quarter of Granada. An uniquie space in the world with narrow streets, huge squares and a charming day and night life. The Realejo neighborhood is specially known due to it´s gastronomical offer.

Monuments: Besides the Alhambra complex, Granada has a vast monunmental heritag. The Monastery of Cartuja, the Madraza, the Cathedral, the Royal Chappel, the Laundry of the Sun, the Bañuelo, the Cuarto Real of Santo Domingo, The House of the Chapiz, The Rodriguez Acosta´s Foundation, the Carmen de los Martires… and a neverending list of less known enclaves that the Alhambra but thar spatter the city map with a hundred treasures worth to be discovered.

Food: There are tapas in Granada. Nearly all bars of the city serve free tapas with the drinks, this make the gastronomical offer of the city unique. The offer abound equally between traditional and author food, fusion food and world´s food… for every kind of cooking there is an specialized tapas bar. Our advice for you is to dive into bar culture of Granada. There are countless possibilities. Trust in your local guide and follow his advice to discover the best places (wich are not necessarily the most crowded ones)

Flamenco: Once we have made the historical and gastronomical tour around Granada… what do we have left? No doubt. Visit the most known tablaos flamencos of Granada. Specially Casa del Arte Flamenco, placed in the center o the city. Granada´s streets breath flamenco essence. We have to point out the vast amount of flamenco artists that have born in this city. Enrique Morente, Marina Heredia or Antonio Carmona. So to all flamenco lovers or those who want to enjoy a good flamenco show, this is your city.

Our theatre is well known due to his location. It breaks with the tradtion of performing in the caves, betting for a small theatre display. We are open the 365 days of the year.

In our website you can check up or artists cast and the list of our shows, also you can purchase your tickets on-line.

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From Casa del Arte Flamenco we invite you to come to Granada. Discover it´s streets, its corners, breath its essence, its nightlife, its barlife, eat its tapas, feel the strenght of our flamenco under the shadow of the Alhambra and over all… come back.

Alejandro Dumas said: “There is bigger pleasure than seeing Granada. And it´s seeing it again”