International Flamenco Day

Nov. 16. International Flamenco Day THE FLAMENCO. HERITAGE OF HUMANITY It was on November 16, 2010 in Naibori (Kenya), when flamenco obtained a maximum international recognition by UNESCO as a cultural manifestation of universal character although with Andalusian roots. Not…

Flamenco History

In this entry we will explore the history of flamenco, starting from the oral transmission and the existing records from 1765. Knowing the different influences that, according to the historians, have conferred their particular style on the world´s folk songs….

Solidarity Flamenco

Next friday, September 29, Casa del Arte Flamenco launches a solidarity show to cooperate with  Casa Familiar Dr. Juan Segura. Casa Familiar Dr. Juan Segura It´s a centre of integral attention to psychodeficient people placed in Parque Almunia, Granada. There they…

Flamenco in Andalusia

Antonio Carmona, Sergio El Colorao and Marina Heredia are some big stars of flamenco in Granada. Albaicín neighborhood, known and admired cause of the big amount of flamenco artists, has seen these artists growing and transmitting this passion generation by generation

What to do in Granada

Art, gastronomy, turism, nature, nightlife… Where are we? In the amazing city of Granada. If you want to teleport to the past and discover an unique place in earth we encourage you to read this article and discover our list…

Christmas zambomba 2016

Casa del Arte Flamenco has the pleasure of invite you all to our traditional Christmass Zambomba, that we will celebrate in  La Fontana bar. As every year we want to spend a day in Christmass with employeed and friends. Come by…