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Story of cajon box drum in Flamenco

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The cajon box drum became the main percussion instrument in Flamenco not long time ago. If you want to know how it became such a fundamental piece in Flamenco, keep reading. From Latin America to Andalusia The story o of cajon box drum in Flamenco starts in the 50s of Brasil. There is where Ruben [...]

Flamenco los Olvidados: A new flamenco place for Granada

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So many times the name of Granada come to our minds when we think about the purest and most authentic flamenco in history. Granada has been (and is) the cradle of some of the most important flamenco artists. Names like Antonio Carmona, Jaime "El Parron", the Morente Family or "Frasquito Yerbagüena" are the history of the [...]

Flamenco in Andalusia

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Antonio Carmona, Sergio El Colorao and Marina Heredia are some big stars of flamenco in Granada. Albaicín neighborhood, known and admired cause of the big amount of flamenco artists, has seen these artists growing and transmitting this passion generation by generation

History of Flamenco in Granada

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To understand the roots of Flamenco Shows in Granada we have to take a look back in time to the very core of Grenadian Flamenco. The Sacromonte. The name of Sacromonte, wich translation is sacred mountain, has an uncertain origin, some historians consider it named by the Christians in the 14th century, due to the [...]